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Also adding the existing client info thread request, add employers renewal selected plan options for current year, with plans, premiums, link to plan highlights and SBC so they have at their fingers

We get calls every week, I hired a new employee, what are the premiums, plan we offer.   It is VERY difficult to find and pull that information off the current site.  Would be great if agent and employer had in easy access spot.

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  • Jul 18 2018
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    Mark Yaw commented
    July 23, 2018 19:33

    Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this idea. It sounds like a pain point that we can help solve for.

    Are you getting these kinds of calls from your current clients who can't find/understand this info? Or are these questions more of general sales inquiries from new leads? (Or both?)

    Based on your idea title, it sounds more like the first one, but I'm making sure I am correctly understanding how/where you usually get these questions first so that I can look for ways to better that part of the experience.


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